Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star

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Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star Empty Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star

Post  CaptainKataplasm on Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:49 am

Are there any fans of this show here besides me? I watched up to episode 26 so far.

That show certainly has an over-the-top approach to violence. Of course, some of it unintentionnaly hilarious(it's hard to take an animated swelling head that explodes, you know). While the violence was intentionnally subdued by the japanese for this manga adaptation, it's still pretty cool.

Also, I love it when Kenshiro rips his shirt with his bulging muscles for no damn reason. It pumps you up in a kitschy way, you know? lol!

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